Thanks to our extensive media contact base, we energetically pursue targeted publicity across a range of platforms, from print to digital, from radio to television. This makes us a perfect link between you and the media, between you and publicity.

Our media releases are written by specialists who are familiar with media styles and conventions, and can therefore produce accurate, well-written, polished content that is print-ready. We will come up with and deliver creative, effective, competitive and achievable campaigns that will enable you to communicate effectively with your target audience. We pride ourselves in keeping afloat with the latest in digital strategy and social media.Throughout the years, we have established friendly relationships with the right people, to give us an upper hand in helping your story to be told in local, regional and national scope.Our team comprises of experienced and qualified PR specialists, writers, editors, communication experts and adept consultants in the area of media liaison and PR.You do not have to worry about publicity any more, as we will provide you with what you need as far as brand recognition and communication is concerned. We are here to help you communicate key messages and narratives to your audience, using the mediums of both traditional and emerging media platforms and technologies.

These are some of the services we offer, under PR:

  • Features and news stories, events coverage including photography and video services, media liaison, organising of media events and crisis management
  • Training of media practitioners on thematic areas
  • Training of non-media practitioners on media skills
  • Facilitation of community engagement using media tools
  • Social media marketing
  • Production of print and electronic media advertising materials
  • Introduction of and development of customer service strategies to boost competition
  • Branding and brand management